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Sean In Hot Water 

When he finally went to bed early in the morning on Oct. 2, Sean Hannity had a good sense, as he typically does, of how he would structure that night’s Fox News Channel broadcast. He’d lead with Puerto Rico, and a defense of the administration’s hurricane relief efforts, before moving on to the players who continued to kneel during the national anthem before games. But by the time he woke up, a few hours later — Hannity rarely sleeps more than four hours a night, a trait he shares with his friend — the screen of his iPhone was jammed with alerts of a shooting in downtown Las Vegas, where a man named Stephen Paddock had opened fire on the attendees of a country-music festival. Dozens were dead, hundreds injured. “What the hell is going on?” Hannity recalls thinking.

In his morning call with his senior executive producer at Fox, Porter Berry, and his executive producer, Tiffany Fazio, he suggested a rewrite of the opening monologue, a six-to-seven-minute riff that he sees as the most important part of the show. On Twitter, he told the producers, he’d noticed many liberals calling for increased gun control. He wanted to center his monologue on a theme he frequently returns to on Fox and on his syndicated daily radio show, which reaches approximately 13.5 million Americans: Why was it that liberals always used tragedies to further their own political ends? To make the segment really hum, he would need material to react to — Hannity’s most effective segments are oppositional — and Berry and Fazio agreed to start digging.

If you like the trendy casual clothes, then this new trend brought by famous ladies will definitely appeal to you. Everything started from a slip dress that reminds us no less of the sexy nightgown and part of the underwear. This trend began slowly to grow, and in most cases it was mixed with a street style that is ideal for combining and experimenting with other trends and styles. Nowadays, they are popular suits that give their husbands silhouette a special look, while their contrasts are casual models that resemble pajamas. These sets do not have to consist solely of blazers and trousers. On the example of Kim Kardashian, we can see that a black dress that remarkably resembles a nightgown can look like an ideal piece for evening outing. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, showed how she wears a gown, shorts and blouse in a styling that looks both casual and casual at the same time. In addition to these two examples, we have noticed that many ladies like to wear under the blazer a crop top or bralette that is ideal for warm weather and exits in which you want to achieve a sensual look. 

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I remember when Rijana began to appear on the street in 2014 and on a red carpet in the nightgowns and pajamas, fashion critics were crazy and the whole world thought that the beauty of Barbados turned away. It turned out that the RiRi was a true visionary, because today, two years later, Hollywood has been walking pajamas. And she? Well, she has been in the stage “been there, done that”, and a lot of new things, just her familiar trends. Ryan had her reasons why the style of this style – she wanted (and still wants) to be different and her own, despite all the criticisms. That’s why she is followed by a clean tenth for bravery, and women who wear pajamas today on the street question – why? Yes, it was cool two years ago when it was different, but now it’s already so much so that you can see it at every corner and, no matter how hard you try to look sexy, it just looks like nothing!
The most popular models are satin and silk, which were until yesterday reserved only for the bedroom or she lazy Sunday morning when you stroll around the house with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book in your hand. And everything started so naïve. First they began to make dresses that look like a nightgown, then the wide silk trousers on the floor entered in the fashion, which reminds irresistibly of the underwear pajamas, in the end, in the spring of this year, the designers decided to make the last step towards the total merging of beds and streets and on the fashion runways instead of pants, dress and coats of the play “day pajamas”. Trendsetters’ trend immediately flashed and little by little, day by day, began to lower the famed names that are filling this trend. Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Kardashianka, Sharon Stone – almost no well-dressed known woman who did not walk past the pajamas on the street or red carpet at least once.
Irregular changing and washing pajamas can lead to various infections, experts warn. They recommend that you change your pajamas or your nightgown after three walks. The reason is that some bacteria on the skin can cause problems if the sleeping clothes do not change regularly. Bacteria like staphylococcus aureus can cause the appearance of various skin infections, and in some extreme cases even meningitis. In most cases, these bacteria are harmless unless they come into contact with a wound or burn. “Pajamas touch the skin and retain dead skin cells that attract microorganisms. These organisms are usually harmless, unless they reach the wrong place, and can then cause problems,” says Professor Sally Blumfield. 
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